7 Powerful Ways Yoga Can Help Your Fitness Routine


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Exercising is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and prepared for the challenges of everyday life. But, what about your mind? Well, in this case, the practice of Yoga poses can help you tone body and mind at the same time and therefore obtain benefits in the same amount of time that it would take you just going to the gym.

The benefits of yoga are available for posture, for your body, mind and your spirituality as well. It is a rounded activity that will balance your mind and at the same time help you strive for the fitness goals you are desperately looking for.

Nevertheless, there are some steps and recommendations to be followed when practicing yoga. Because if you are trying to reach a specific goal, then the yoga poses you choose must be useful and guide you towards that goal.

Start and end with low-intensity yoga poses

Warming up before doing any exercise is essential to protect your joints and muscles. Yoga works the same way, before going for the hard and expert poses you must try first easier ones that allow your tendons and muscles to start working without too much effort. After the first poses, your body is ready to try harder ones and sweat and stretch to its fullest. Remember that at the end of the session you also have to slow down the pace one more time to allow your body to relax and go back to a regular heart rate and heat.

Choose yoga poses that meet your fitness goal

There is much yoga poses available for your level. And for each pose, there are plenty of variations that will offer more or less work to a pair of your muscles during the exercise. So if it a good option to find a professional al discuss what particular part or your body you want to improve workout first and then the instructor will choose some yoga poses that go accordingly to your goals. If you have in mind the improvement of your posture, then it is better to find poses that work directly with your back and abdomen.

Use yoga to increase Stretch muscles

One of the main reasons people do not try yoga is because they want to be able to touch their feet or bend their back from day one. Yoga will help you incredibly stretch your muscles; you will end up working for the Cirque du Soleil if you do your poses correctly. However, this will not happen in day 1, not even in month 1. Reaching high flexibility levels takes time and effort, stretching is a fundamental part of yoga, and therefore it will be practiced every day.

Try relaxation exercises that increase blood circulation

Blood constantly flows through our body. It is in charge of transporting oxygen and nutrients to the different organs that may need it inside of us. If circulation stops, then life stops. On the other hand, when circulation increases nutrients arrive at their destination faster and greater quantities of oxygen are transported in less time. Relaxation exercises can help you increase your blood circulation and also benefit your mind and concentration. In some cases, relaxation exercises can be accompanied from Peak Nootropics to help your mind focus and also to enhance cognitive abilities. The idea here is to benefits your mind and also your body at the same time so that you take advantage of the time available. Making the most out of a single exercise is the key here.


Practice backbends, forward bends, and twists

Bending your body and reaching high flexibility levels can later help you be better at much more exercises so that you get the body you are looking for faster. Some specific exercises require a more flexible body and one way to obtain this through yoga is bending. Backbends, Forward bends, and twists give the best results for this matter. Camel and Bow yoga pose are two excellent options to start with backbends since they offer more support and the bending degree is not so acute.

Be mindful with your body

Yoga is about connecting body and minds correctly. As an individual, you have to be sure you connect with your body and understand its language. Hunger, thirst, pain, soreness, numbness and much more are the alerts an injured body can give to you. These signs need to be considered and taken seriously because if not the next sign will be given by a doctor when there is no turning back. When practicing yoga, being aware of your body position and pressure points is crucial for the correct outcome of the pose. Take care of your body so that it takes care of you.

Try breathing exercises

Sometimes we do not even realize how important breathing is. Since we do not have to think about the process, we do not pay attention to it. Breathing correctly can improve a lot the way we feel because we allow our body to take the necessary amount of oxygen to function. Breathing exercises help you analyze the way you breathe so as to determine if it is correct or if something should be done to guarantee the passing of air.


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