How to Believe and Trust In The Process

quote on trusting yourself

Everyone possesses that innate aspiration to trust wholeheartedly in themselves, and without trust one cannot believe.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One can wish for something to be so much different, but unprepared to accept it. No one is ever prepared to accept anything until they truly believe that they can obtain it.

The mind must coincide with the heart to be in a state of believing; not just hoping or wishing. An open mind believes, while a closed mind never inspires courage, trust or the power to believe.

Almost everyone has gone through difficult life encounters and experiences. It is when the emotional connection with these experiences and encounters suddenly define one’s existence that they become important educators on life’s course. Often one would recognize these difficult experiences as symbols of oneself and not good enough; no longer able to trust one’s own judgment. Simply put, this is fear from within.

The mind can dictate your fear, which then dictates your thoughts and your actions. However, fear cannot reside in an open heart or mind.

There is so much more to trust and believing than simply creating beliefs. Possessing positive beliefs in the mind is the initial step towards creating a positive outlook, resulting in a life of inner peace.

The real art of living is learning how to let life flow through you without letting fear intervene. So, how does one get through the fear? Here are some ways to break through the barriers of mistrust and banish the fear:

Your belief should be superior, exceeding fear. It will entail a lot of effort, but as much as you can, try to closely observe and listen inside of you, look around and see what is functioning well in your personal or business life and what is not. Small or great, profess your successes. Believe that you can reach great things and as early as now, begin counting your blessings.

Only believe in you, in the things that you can do, and not in the circumstances. Believe in only yourself, because there will be times when you will be tempted to put your belief into something else such as a job, a friend or a particular opportunity. Although this could be lucrative at the moment, note that people and circumstances are changeable. Your life’s journey should be created by only you, and you alone can decide whether to change it or not.

Keep in mind that an ongoing belief in oneself can take some time, and if ever you become distracted by life, take it as an opportunity to return to your inner self. Be brave enough to trust your heart and let it be your inner compass.

Now it’s your turn. Have you found the ability to believe and trust in yourself? What are some ways you have done so? I would love if you shared your comments below.


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