The Trade Off for Success


The philosophy of success has many diverse definitions, significance and meanings for each individual. To really  achieve success, one has to create his or her own concept of it.

In today’s society people tend to negotiate all day as part of the struggle for success. Sadly the negotiation is between what outside perceptions expect of them versus what one truly wants. As subtle as it can be at times, it can also be overt at others. Without being aware of the struggle the negotiating occurs continuously and is never ending.

As this spiral progresses, one can find that there is an obvious trading off ideas and even one’s own values just to achieve success.

Note however that success, as with all things in life is impermanent and that the only trade off that one will ever make in order to achieve financial, emotional and spiritual success is the daily practice of mindfulness—whichever method is is feasible.

A truly successful individual understands this reality clearly, and works persistently to establish success in all areas of life.

The reality is that life consists of happiness as well as difficulties.  Indeed, one cannot stay away from difficulties, for it is part of one’s journey through success. Yet one can be very well prepared for it and know how to deal with it.

When my professional speaking career began in 2008 I thought that my success was determined by how much I was paid and/or the amount of books I could sell. This mindset also equated to the amount I could consistently contribute to my household, and the pressure I put on myself was borderline excruciating.

I asked myself, “Is success accomplished by trading off my family for great wealth? Is it attained by trading my health for money?” After much thought it came to me… Lasting and true success is realized by generating balance in every aspect of one’s life, adding prosperity in all forms on a regular basis. 

Another “a-ha” moment came when I saw the impact inspirational words and actions can have on others. It is what we do for others that makes each one of us successful. For that, no trade off should occur and no sacrifice should be made in exchange of another when one gets to that particular position in life.

If anything, you trade off or transform your old self to a renewed and motivated Being; living each day with enthusiasm, openness and working towards something that can only be right for you.

Success is never a destination, but a journey that one embarks on daily. It is achieved through giving attention to the importance of one’s blessings with affirmative thoughts, actions and words.

Whatever your perception of success, you might find these tips helpful:

  1. Clearly determine what it is you want. Remember, it is you who lives in this vast experience and has the ability to have anything that you desire. Having a clear and concise vision in the absence of fear or doubt enables you to have direction and know what route to take to reach that goal.
  2. Write down your goals and refer to them daily. With tens of thousands of thoughts running through our minds every day, take the time to pause and write down what you really and truly want. Write all of it down and affirm it as truth.  Writing your vision enables you to pull your spiritual, physical, and emotional powers in position to accomplish your goals and vision. Your body, mind and the subconscious are a powerful force when working together.
  3. Establish a realistic time frame for all your vision and goals. Look closely at your goals. If there is deadline that seems unrealistic, it is perfectly fine to tweak the goal in a matter in which you can achieve it. Then, after you have accomplished a certain goal, move on to the next.  This is what is meant by success that flows in and out of each experience.

It is important to move ahead and not be fearful of achieving success.  It can flow effortlessly without ever having to trade off success in one aspect for another.  There are no trade offs; just a stronger, more complete “you” who will emerge.

Now it’s your turn. Do you find yourself trading time for money, or happiness for wealth? I would love to hear your thoughts.


About Michelle Cruz Rosado

Michelle Cruz Rosado is a professional speaker and bestselling co-author of "Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams." Follow Michelle for inspiring messages and quotes.