How to Achieve Mindfulness with Self Love (Interview)

michelle cruz rosado

When it comes to self-love, I found that it is one of the most difficult practices to achieve, along with meditation. Many continue to look outside of their own experience to find inner peace, strength, even searching for a more authentic version of themselves.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

This came to mind when I was approached to be a featured speaker at “The Self Love Summit.” It’s host, Naomi Sodomin read my story about recovery from the attacks of September 11 and wondered how I could share my feelings of self love to achieve mindfulness.

It took some time, but by looking within I found the principles I have used in the past to help with my ongoing healing process. I also share the techniques, as painful as they have seemed, to practice self love in order to live a life of authenticity.

In this video Naomi shares what will be discussed in our interview. The link for free access to the summit can be found here.

The Self Love Summit from Naomi Sodomin on Vimeo.





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