How to Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

following intuition

“Let your heart guide you…it whispers so listen closely.” —Walt Disney Company

The thought of trusting my intuition wasn’t always something I found valuable in my “structured” life. When I regretted the decisions I made in the past, I chose my past to be the canvas for my destiny; a purpose-driven life that was based on experience—not inner guidance.

In January of 2000 I left my boyfriend of eleven years. A part of my ego wanted to return to the life that once was, despite over a decade of abuse. Nevertheless, I wasn’t a big fan of change. Any thought of a new beginning left me feeling uncomfortable and unwilling to accept there might be a future, filled with new opportunities for growth.

After months of being alone and going through a period of self-discovery, I realized it was wiser to leave the past exactly where it should be and let my heart guide me to a better understanding of who I was. The heart can support you with reflection, attention and compassion. By allowing any other entity to guide you, you risk letting experiences of the past shape your reality.

Trusting your inner guidance can help you see beyond the egoic will of others. Whoever you are, whatever you desire and whatever your dreams are for what’s to come, you will be present. You will awaken with trustworthiness in everything you do.

Some people depend on their mind’s perception of the past to determine their destiny, therefore don’t get the chance to live solely in the present moment. They don’t live by the truth of their soul but by the chaotic thoughts that continuously dominate their minds, and may be reluctant to trust the inner Being that resides in all of us. They proceed with a life that doesn’t give them any genuine feelings of fulfillment or peace. They only accept the drudgery that life experience has taught them.

Allow your heart to be your guide and it can ultimately lead you to where you’ll always find truth—in the present moment.

Have you found yourself guided by your heart or by life’s experience? I’d love to read your comments below.


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