5 Things to Do When Your Inner Light is Gone


I’ll never forget that poignant moment 15 years ago when I received a heart-wrenching call from my best friend. She hadn’t heard from me in a few weeks and the worry in her voice seeped through the phone.

“You seemed so depressed the last time we saw each other. What happened to that strong girl I once knew? What happened to your inner light?”

Her words of concern sparked a fire; much different from the light she believed was gone.

The secrets I had been keeping from her, my best friend, were held very closely in my mind and kept from everyone—even family. In the months prior my addiction to alcohol had rapidly progressed; numbing the emotional and physical pain endured from my abusive boyfriend, all the while struggling with the decision to leave him.

It was at that moment when I realized that my inner light had not left me. I just simply chose to ignore it by relying on outer perceptions, personalities and vices used to help me break free from the inner torment.

Within three months of that eye-opening conversation I left my then-boyfriend and began a new life of sobriety and self awareness. I soon realized that no one had the ability to dim the light of another without permission.

The truth is, when one is consumed with thoughts of hopelessness, this can lead to a feeling of devalue.

The following ways can help you reconnect with your light, and I hope can help you find detachment from that which dims it.

Let your light be your guide. The voice of inner guidance is a powerful force that energizes people and helps them accomplish goals. By surrendering to All that Is and embracing the light it is possible to overcome, even under the most horrible of circumstances. One’s achievements and life’s miracles prove that one’s inner light can shine in spite of the darkness that surrounds it.

Don’t return to darkness. In times of great despair it would deem convenient to return to the misery of monotony, for this is how many of us view our daily lives. If one is filled with the darkness of fear, and if fighting and resisting is the solution, there can only be more darkness to come.

Instead of living in self-rejection, live in love and accept the darkness, but not return to it. The light of love will automatically remove the darkness.

Practice Self Kindness. One of the greatest tragedies in life is when one goes through life without practicing loving kindness to oneself. The inner Light shines brightly when one shows the utmost kindness to another, while the same occurs when one turns that kindness inward.

“Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we’ll need no other light.”  ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Remember – Your Light never leaves you. There is no need to rely on the Light of others to guide, enlighten or create happiness. Your inner light, inner voice and inner love will always be enough, and will always be present.

Delight the world with your compassion, kindness and grace. Honor your mind, body and soul, and allow the light to shine on you and within you.

It’s your turn. Have you felt like your Light has gone out in some way? In what ways have you kept out of the darkness? Please share your comments below.


About Michelle Cruz Rosado

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