Interview: Surviving, Growing, Inspiring

Through recent years of doing interviews there have been many questions about my experience as a survivor of the September 11th attacks. It was been a true joy to have the opportunity to speak about the tragedy in a more positive light.

This past week I was approached by the hosts of “Living with Danielle and David,” to be interviewed for their podcast. Co-host Danielle Spencer you may remember was the feisty character “Dee” from the classic TV show “What’s Happening?” in the 1970’s and although I considered her an icon a little girl, her own story of survival is one of the most inspirational I have ever heard.

While I did share my experience as a 9/11 survivor we also delve into the many facets of how one can find peace in tumultuous times, embracing the present moment through prayer and meditation, and my message of healing through speaking.

The interview opened my eyes to the uplifting energy that fortunately still exists today. I am so very thankful to both David and Danielle for giving me the opportunity to open my heart and speak my truth.

You can listen to the podcast below and subscribe to “Living with Danielle and David” here. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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