10 Ways Yoga Improves Your Health and Keeps You Fit

Most people think of yoga as either a way to meditate and relax or as something that is unnecessary since they can’t see the point in stretching and keep your body in a fixed position. However, life is not black and white, and yoga isn’t either. Asana, the physical practice of yoga, requires a calm, relaxed mind. It can help with various illnesses, physical or mental, and it’s getting more popular with each day. Lots of people I know have started doing yoga in the last year or two, and even more, are starting. Yoga is becoming one of the most popular ways to relax and empty your body of unwanted toxins.

Here’s how yoga can improve your health and keep you fit!

Doing yoga makes you happy

Doing yoga, or any exercise for that matter helps release extra chemicals in your brain. These chemicals, mainly serotonin and adrenaline, cause you to feel better about the world and in general, cause you to be happy. Constant exercise and yoga can actually help fight various mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. If you want to improve your emotional health, start doing yoga! It’s not difficult and won’t take too much of your time.

Another great alternative to boost your cognitive abilities, as well as emotional and mental health, is combining Nootropics with exercise.

Improves balance

The ability to keep your balance is deeply rooted in our brains. It’s something that we can never forget. However, due to unforeseen circumstances that may happen, you might start losing your balance. To counteract this, do yoga! Yoga does require you to be able to keep your balance. Even if you’re having issues with certain yoga positions, you’ll start getting better with time. So don’t give up!


Improves psychological health

As mentioned before, doing yoga or any exercise has a positive effect on your psychological health. Some doctors may even recommend this as a way to battle illnesses such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and various others.

Encourages self-care

People often make mistakes in claiming that people who take care of themselves end up being selfish. However, think about this: You have only one life that you’re currently living. Why not make it as best as possible? Self-care is highly important if you want to be happy with your life. Yoga is a great choice when it comes to self-care because you’ll start working on yourself.

Doing yoga gives better bone health

Research has shown that doing yoga helps improve your bones. This is because you’re constantly stretching your body and the bones are actively working all the time. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is incredibly unhealthy and may cause you to develop various issues such as osteoporosis. Physical activity, especially yoga, counters this.

Increased blood flow

When we talk about yoga, we talk about stretching your body. When you stretch your body, you widen the blood vessels. Thanks to this, the blood flow to your brain (as well as other body parts) increases. It’s understandable then that yoga helps increase overall blood flow.

Builds muscle strength

Some yoga poses aren’t easy at all. They require resolve and a bit more strength than usual. You might not be able to do all yoga poses right from the get-go, but don’t despair; you’ll get stronger with each yoga session, and after some time, your muscle strength will be improved!

Increase flexibility

Ever wanted to do the split but couldn’t out of fear? Well, if you still want to do the split, doing yoga is the best way to achieve this! In general, yoga requires a slight amount of flexibility, but if you aren’t quite flexible, there’s no need to worry; you’ll get there eventually!


Releases tension in your limbs

If you’re like me and have very tense knees (for example), practicing yoga will help the limbs release that tension. It doesn’t only have to be knees; any body part that might tense up can be relaxed by doing yoga.

Gives you peace of mind

And we finally reach the best part about yoga – peace of mind. Whatever issues that you might have will simply go away once you start practicing yoga. It’s one of the best forms of meditation and relaxation so if you’re feeling down and have issues that you can’t solve right now – start yoga!

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