How to Get the Most Out of Your Fear


“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.” ~ Buddha 

Fear – the powerful extension of our subconscious that prevents us from speaking our truth, taking action from purpose and living an inspired life.

While there is nothing about fear that can enhance our wellbeing, one can get the most out of it by feeling the absence of it.

In 2004 I gave my very first sales presentation to a room of 30 prospects. An unforgettable sense of terror gripped my body. My legs were shaking uncontrollably and when I approached the front of the room I thought I would collapse.

My fear of public speaking began in grade school, where I was terrified to answer any of my teacher’s questions and would at times stutter out of sheer nervousness. As a successful corporate professional I’d dread even voicing an idea to my colleagues in meetings. My excuse? So many of us live with this type of fear that I convinced myself it was actually comforting to feel this way. But what was I fearful of, exactly?

Fear has many faces. One can be afraid of being manipulated, abandoned or ignored because an occurrence from their past left them vulnerable. Others, out of fear of failure, live with a nagging feeling that they aren’t living their true purpose, then choose to blame others for their suffering.

Wherever there is fear, ego is clearly present within. It is important to find the root of one’s fear before an attempt can be made to overcome it.

With much soul searching I realized that I was afraid of success. I wasn’t fearful of what I couldn’t achieve, but what I could achieve, and how others might react to my accomplishments. I also wasn’t completely honest with myself, as if my insecurities were to be dismissed from what was truly apparent.

Twitter BirdThere is no reason to surrender to fear, for if there is full acceptance of all that is, fear can always be conquered.

I finally found the clarity to overcome many of the fears which held me captive for decades, but not without daily meditative practice and great determination. Letting go of fear is an ongoing process and one must be fully prepared to live happily and free from the judgment of others. Being present and not ignoring your fears can give you the strength to face whatever challenge and move forward.

To be present with your Self means to be one with yourself. There is no separation of the two, and fear cannot exist in oneness.

Fear should not be a factor in anyone’s life. But if it is, know that fear is just human extension of our mind; not part of our fearless Being.


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