7 Steps to Health, Wealth and Inner Peace


Book: Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace – Francis O’Neill

This self-help guide is designed to give you all the information and tools you need to get all fired-up and get healthier, wealthier and find inner peace – indeed make a success of your life in mind, body and spirit.

“Steps to Health, Wealth and Inner Peace” sets out to offer valuable insight into getting your body healthy and staying healthy – through down-home suggestions on improving exercise and rest.

It contains seven essential principles (gleaned from research with ten business entrepreneurs), plus tips and advice on improving your life success rate.

It tackles well-being through using self-hypnosis to improve on the beliefs and patterns of the subconscious mind (a Betty Erickson self-hypnosis method is included) and, through the exploration and use of creative visualisation – the latter which the author began exploring seriously thirty years ago through the work of healer Matthew Manning and the training of Robert Fritz (author of The Path of Least Resistance).

Equally important, the book offers a simple guide to meditation, a loving kindness contemplation, and draws on Buddhist essentials towards improving one’s spiritual life.

From the Author…

This book has been a real joy to write, particularly as I have been thinking, experiencing and writing around the topics covered here for some years, and now have an opportunity to share them.

Steps… is a compact book. It began as an aide-memoire to myself – more or less in bullet-point fashion – to remind me of what is important going forward.

It is a reminder of the simple steps you can take – indeed steps one really ought to take – in order so as to keep life and soul together, to be true to oneself and successful in one’s endeavours.

I trust you will find it of interest and benefit to you.

Francis O’Neill is the founder of SomeInspiration.com and can be found on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


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