The 9/11 Museum: Can We Still Live in the Present?

Last night while anxiously awaiting the New York Giants/Dallas Cowboys game I saw a preview for the 60 Minutes show. While I don’t make it a point to watch the news EVER, one of the stories in this segment piqued my interest – “The 9/11 Museum: Curating Memories of Terror and Tragedy.” After experiencing this day first hand I was curious to see exactly what exhibits would be included in the museum.

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I knew for the most part that memories of the victims were recorded in audio interviews by their loved ones, and the famous staircase used by survivors would also be included. I had no idea, however, that some of the last recordings of the victims before they perished would be included as well. I must admit, it struck a chord. Since the tragedy I’ve shared messages of healing, overcoming adversity and healing from loss. What I speak most about however, is the importance of living in the present.

In watching this video I did come to realize that people do need solace from this day of devastation, and this in part is a way for many to heal, and learn about the enriched lives of those who are no longer with us.



On September 15, 2011 my husband Randy Rosado and I met with one of  the 9/11 Memorial curators and donated our co-authored book, “Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams” as well as my photo of the World Trade Center on September 7, 2001. Both will be display upon the museum’s opening in the Spring of 2014. While the book is not about 9/11 per se, it does describe my personal experience as I escaped from the 95th floor of Tower 2 when the first plane crashed into Tower 1.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned about this day in American history is that we are all ONE, and regardless of what hurtful past we’ve endured, our most precious gift is our present moment. We can live in this moment and still embrace the memories of yesterday with love and understanding.

What are your feelings about the exhibits in the upcoming 9/11 Museum? Please share your comments below.

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