How a New York Photographer Turned Strangers into Friends

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met. ~William Butler Yeats

When I came across this CBS report last week entitled, “New York photographer turns strangers into friends,” it immediately sparked my interest. Richard Rinaldi, a photographer in New York is working on a series of portraits, and for each shot he grabs strangers off the street. Can joining another person for a loving portrait create an lifelong friendship?

New Yor photographer Richard Rinaldi talks with strangers © CBS News

New York photographer Richard Rinaldi talks with strangers © CBS News

Being from New York City and spending most of life there I never thought it was difficult to make friends. After all, in a city of nine million residents, there’s always room find new people to interact with.

In watching this video, however, I begun to wonder…how easy is it really? In this city everyone seems to go on their merry way, listening to music or checking out the latest news on their phone or iPad. When you take a moment to breathe in and embrace your surroundings, you’ll find that we are more interconnected than we realize. Strangers can indeed be friends, with time, patience and awareness.

These strangers actually felt a connection when posing together for the photo shoots. Was this caused by the touch of a hand, the way a woman’s head rests on another woman’s shoulder? Nevertheless, this is what many could call a love for humanity…if only for a moment.


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