The Choices You Make


A few years ago while still living in Florida I had the pleasure of meeting Heather Morehouse—a vibrant and talented woman with an enormous heart and zest for life. As fellow northeasterner we bonded almost instantly.

After learning more about Heather I decided to share her remarkable story of strength and a poem that has further ignited my interest in her life.
heather morehouseHeather Morehouse is a wife, breast cancer survivor and the mother of 29-year-old daughter—a heroine battling Crohns Disease. All of which are a priority to her.

As a young girl in Toledo, Ohio Heather was an avid equestrian until a fall from a young paint stallion she was training ended her riding endeavors.  Since then she has endured chronic pain for the past 16 years.

She worked as an office manager for 20 years, during that time being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In 2013, which was nothing short of miraculous her young dog, Rocky found a lump on her breast.  A week later Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer and rushed to surgery 3 days later to have a mastectomy.

Heather’s battled all of 2014 by receiving chemotherapy and radiation that left her alive but also fighting the side effects of worsening chronic pain.

In light of all Heather has experienced she shares her love of drawing, designing jewelry and writing poems that she finds to be very meaningful as well as personal.  She knows she was given the opportunity to fight these battles for a reason, and strongly believes that you need to take the time to prioritize.  Family and friends will always remain hers.

I feel blessed to share this poem as a reminder that whatever choice you make is truly yours, and what you make of the results is up to you.

“I Choose…”

I choose light over darkness.
I choose acceptance and the world with all its imperfections.
I choose the flowers, trees and creatures that make living all the more miraculous.
I choose to be in a world with all its illnesses and cures. Its ups and downs, its encouragements and its discouragements.
I choose, white, brown, olive and black and all the colors of the rainbow.
I choose the decisions of law even though they are flawed and often less then honorable.
I choose all sizes, short, tall, thin, and large. I choose a world full of diversity.
I choose that one person on my side that gives me a soft place to fall.
I choose one place that allows you to be you.
I choose choice.  A life that encompasses so much in one.
Where or what else could be so perfect in all its imperfections?…I choose LIFE.

~ Heather Morehouse

**p.s. Heather and her work can be found on Facebook. 😉

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    Thank you Michelle for bringing our readers of the Blogger’s Pit Stop such a beautiful story of love and courage.

    • Indeed, @60thenew40com:disqus. Heather’s story of survival and strength was a gift and inspiration to share her creativity with the world.

  • What an encouraging example of overcoming adversity. We complain about our little problems in life and forget that it can be so much worse. Gratitude is the key to happiness, I think. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your comment, @ljsreveries:disqus. 🙂