The Journey From Grief to Greatness

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“Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.” Anne Roiphe

We have all experienced grief at some point in our lives, whether it be the tragic loss of a loved one or a drastic change that would ultimately reshape one’s life.

Fortunately, grief does not have to cripple the spirit. With awareness, grief can be the guide that taps into your deepest emotions and leads to a path of healing.

I am pleased to announce that my story on grief has been featured in a brand new book by Tom Sweetman, “From Grief to Greatness: A Collection of True Stories and Lessons on Living Life after Loss.”

Following the passing of his mother in 2012 due to cancer, Tom realized that the average person is not prepared for the array of emotions that accompany loss, and he wrote his book as a way to help others struggling with similar situations.

Here is an excerpt from Tom’s book:

Between you and I my intention for this book is to assist you on your journey through grief and to show you a different way of seeing loss. Pain can be our biggest teacher and I will reveal to you how you can not only grow and learn from it but also use it to unlock a connection and purpose in life that you have inside waiting to serve the world.

Throughout this book and the stories you hear you will learn through other’s experiences and real life stories the following:

  • L.O.V.E
  • Compassion
  • Pain Is Temporary
  • Discovering Your Gift
  • The Truth About Honesty
  • Everything In Life Is A Present
  • Facing Your Shadow
  • The Power Of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Getting Rid Of Anger And Guilt
  • The Courage Of Vulnerability
  • The Acceptance Of What Is
  • Live A Life Of Meaning
  • Understand The Ego
  • Letting Go – How To Give Up
  • Have A Connection To The Loved One You Lost And Loved Ones In Your Life
  • How to Use Your Pain To Serve Others
  • Discover Your Values And Purpose

It’s your turn. How have you coped with grief in the past? Has it helped you in find acceptance in your present moment? Please feel free to share your comments below.

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  • Definitely looks like a fascinating and helpful book. I hope that this book will help others to find healing. #ibabloggers

    • Thank you so much for your comment, @sandysandmeyer:disqus. I too hope the same for those who are need of healing.

  • satrntgr

    Sounds like a great book!! We all have to deal with these type of things, so being prepared is a great thing. 🙂 #ibabloggers

    • Thank you for your comment! I hope the book can help those who are suffered from grief and help them find their true purpose.

  • I usually have a delayed reaction to grief. When something happens, such as when my father passed away, I focused on getting my mom and brother through it and dealing with all of the minutia. It took me awhile to grieve, but focusing on details immediately helped me.

    • I can totally relate. I had a delayed reaction when my Mom passed away, but with awareness is a path to healing.

  • Mommy’s Kitchen

    As you know, I’m dealing with grief as I write. Writing has helped me to deal with it. Your post hits home.

    • I know it does, and with believing we can all heal from and with grief is a step to find our true greatness.

      • Mommy’s Kitchen

        🙂 All the best to you Michelle !!

  • Mommy’s Kitchen


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