An Introduction to Holistic Living

Suzanne Foglio

People and land need healing which is all inclusive—holistic.”
Allan Savory





This past May I was in New York visiting friends when I was invited to a networking luncheon in Warwick, New York. It was there where I met Jacqueline, a real estate professional in the area.

When it was my turn to introduce myself I mentioned that I was an author, speaker and columnist, writing articles on holistic tips.

After the luncheon I was approached by Jacqueline and as she handed me her business card she also gave me a hand-written note. “My sister Suzanne is a holistic health coach. Maybe you could do a story on her.”

Since I’m always looking for a story I thanked Jacqueline for the information and kept her card and Suzanne’s information in my wallet.

A few weeks later I contacted Suzanne to inquire about an interview. She was as pleasant as could be and I couldn’t wait to hear more about her holistic journey.

When the time came to do the interview however, what I found about Suzanne touched my heart so deeply. After the shock of her Mother, Father and husband being diagnosed with cancer she took on a new role of holistic health coach. Her voice—although gentle, exudes the strength and courage of experienced life coaches.

Nowadays our lives are part of an imbalance and lack of harmony with others. Suzanne’s philosophy of holistic coaching combines our overall mental, physical and emotional wellness, but also defining them separately to find exactly what we need to improve and heal our body temple.

Suzanne doesn’t tell everybody they should eat the way she does, since that might not make them feel their best. But she is adamant about the environment as a whole. She states, “Our skin is our largest organ, so we can eat really healthy food, but if we’re putting a bunch of chemicals as far as our personal care products on our body, or our home is filled with toxic ingredients we’re cooking with, what good can that do? It all comes back to a holistic approach. It’s not just one thing, it’s everything.”

A BIG thank you to Suzanne for sharing her powerful story with us, and offering her wonderful insight. You can read the full article, “Living a Vibrant Life With a Holistic Health Coach” here.

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