Can Chaos Lead to Mindfulness?


When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Worry, frustration, confusion, sleeplessness and fear—all components of the chaotic mind, can make just one simple goal difficult to achieve and hindering mindfulness.

Normally one can find difficulty in controlling the mind, mainly because it cannot be controlled.  Sometimes, one may feel that the mind is similar to a balloon; blown by the wind, taken to any direction and circumstance the wind takes it. When things work out in our favor, the mind is contented. But when we perceive things to be as wrong and not in our favor, instantly the mind’s ego grows disgusted with the outcome.

Because the mind and one’s emotions are connected, a disturbance will distract the harmony of the two. For instance, when one gets the result or the relationship that he or she wants, such as a partner, a job promotion or a new car, there is a very tight bond to that desire.

The wanting for these possessions and relationships are uncontrollable due to attachment, and the moment that one is separated from all these causes immeasurable pain. And all the negative emotions cause chaos.

In mindfulness, there is no attachment. When the mind is relaxed, there is an inner clarity which enables one to not control, but manage the mind’s thoughts despite the external situation.

Gradually there develops mental balance, which is a state of the mind that is and always will be present. A confused mind moves back and forth between despondency and excitement.

In mindfulness, one can live a life that is free of worries and anxiety and experience joy, gratitude and acceptance of All That Is. A chaotic mind however, is a distracted part of the ego that triggers only destructive behavior, therefore becoming a barrier to attaining inner peace.

Constant, uplifting affirmations influence the subconscious to create a situation favorable to you, without exception. With practice, words spoken with great trust, faith and absolute power will transform a life of chaos into a life of mindfulness.

Honor yourself and believe that with faith, mindfulness can be achieved in any state of Being.

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