Knowing Yourself as I AM


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha

Knowing myself was a very important task to undertake, and the most challenging as well. Decades of questions evolved into an inner journey to accept who I AM. When one knows the power beyond the body and mind, and clearly understands the formless Being within, there is a better option of discovering how to reach personal fulfillment and overall happiness.

Awareness of one’s true and inner self will be of great help in permanently attaining a peaceful life.  It can be used as the path to enlightenment and will be transported to such calmness so to improve one’s well-being as well as one’s connections with others.

Due to perceptions outside of one’s consciousness has created an illusion of thought. When the “thinking mind” or ego is latched onto the neediness to be right, there is no choice but to look to others for praise and recognition. It draws us away from “presence”; the I AM of our existence.

Knowing yourself consequently empowers and enables you to create different choices.

Freedom in one’s moment does not always come easily to those who are eager. A peaceful mind is free when it surrenders completely to All That Is.

This type of awareness usually occurs in the wake of adversity. In the weeks following my survival of September 11 my mind and soul had separated into unknown forms of consciousness. I wanted to believe I still had control of my life and surroundings, but my mind ceased to accept my feelings of loss and hatred. I didn’t suddenly appear on the “right” course and immediately aware and know myself, however. I had to surrender, accept and embrace each moment as if it were my last. Thus began my inner transformation.

Such a powerful journey within depends deeply on how bravely you face the physical and emotional aspects of yourself. On the way, you might discover certain things in your past that no longer serve you. It is better to acknowledge this as truth than to deny its existence, and leave the past where it belongs.

Being in the “I AM” presence is your openness to the opinion of others without judgment, for acting upon the thoughts of the egotistical mind is not part of your spiritual growth.

The basic principle of the “thinking mind” is that every individual is responsible, in control and generates their own life encounter. While this is known to be true, to be present and connected as “I AM has no relation to control whatsoever. It brings more to Light the unwavering truth of the soul within.

In your path of discovering this embodiment of presence, you need not focus on what others perceive you to be, and also not who you believe you must be; but the person that you truly are. How you embrace each experience with immense gratitude is the catalyst on how you will perceive “I AM to be. Mindfulness in all that you do removes the fear of regret and lifts the veil to a newly found awakening.

One of most important lessons I’ve learned is how to refrain from reaction to words of ignorance. The ego’s desperate attempt to retaliate from another’s wrongdoing can bring us to a better understanding of ourselves – when we are present. Knowing that each moment is yours, and yours alone is crucial in how we can live mindfully.

Within each moment is an opportunity to discover the Being within. Even in the darkest of times I’ve found that stillness can always be present in a chaotic mind. This kind of optimism draws only the loving kindness found in others, and radiates within you. Your positive sense of worth and enthusiastic outlook will encourage those around you to also be enthusiastic and positive, therefore evolving into oneness.

Knowing yourself as “I AM will enable you to develop your full potential and be happy, contented and fulfilled.  Whether one’s idea and understanding of this speaks of fulfillment in business, friendship, love, a blend of all these or another thing altogether, knowing and honoring yourself will enable you to live a more harmonious and peaceful life. And that is “I AM” in its truest sense.

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