Self-Acceptance: Why it’s More Important than Self-Improvement

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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” —Gautama Buddha

As children our enthusiasm is heightened when we are nurtured and loved; and are not judged by others. As our years progress  however, our eagerness for acceptance seems to outweigh our naturalistic childlike enthusiasm. Before we know it, we have evolved into the responsibilities of adulthood, looking for ways to improve not only our financial well-being, but emotional well-being as well. During this transition have we truly learned about self-acceptance?

It’s important to understand that self-acceptance has nothing to do with self-improvement. We can spend our entire lives reading self-help books and learning about enlightenment from the sages, but as long as we are not completely open and surrender to ourselves, improvement will never bring true fulfillment. With full acceptance there is the highest form of awareness to who we really are, therefore seeing what changes—if any—need to be made.

Many feel that the burdens of insecurity or adequacy are just normalcies of the human spirit. This type of self-destruction and degradation is what led to many of my bouts with depression and alcohol consumption. My life was a downward spiral, hell-bent on pleasing others and longing for acceptance that I couldn’t achieve for myself. When I began my inner quest for truth, I found there was no truth outside of my Being. We are ONE, but within each of us inhabits Divine treasures that belong only to us.

With self-acceptance, we choose compassion and forgiveness over anger and self-hatred.

Accepting yourself as you are today is the first step towards change.  You will be inspired to enhance your life and be more present with yourself and others. You will know true freedom.

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