A Remarkable Story of Forgiveness…of Murder

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Last week I received a Twitter message from my friend Kirsty Spraggon. “We (KirstyTV) just posted an awesome ‘soul food’ interview with an amazing man who witnessed the murder of his Mom at age 8. He talks on the power of forgiveness. Powerful, inspiring & uplifting.”

Chappale Burton and Kirsty Spraggon of KirstyTV

Courtesy of KirstyTV

Kirsty was talking about Chappale Burton. “Was this story about overcoming adversity, forgiveness or both?” I asked myself. Chappale witnessed the tragic murder of his mother and stepfather in his childhood playground in Chicago, Illinois. I could hardly fathom the torture this person felt as a child, living through such harrowing terror.

I immediately clicked on the YouTube link and as I began listening to Chappale speak, his message became quite clear – he wholeheartedly forgave the assailant. I sat back in my office chair and was moved to tears by his poise and openness to share this extraordinary message.

Chappale is the author of “Choose Happiness,” and has now devoted his life to sharing the techniques  he used to overcome the possible negative effects that this could have had on his life. Today, he is an international motivational speaker and coach who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He speaks to audiences around the world about his philosophies and principles.

Watch this incredible interview… Forgiveness of this magnitude is indeed an enormous feat of courage.

What would it take for you to COMPLETELY free yourself from this pain?


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