How to Live the Best Version of Yourself

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When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves. ~Steve Maraboli

In 2004, after working in corporate America for eleven years I made the conscious decision to go out on my own and begin doing sales presentations for a nationwide network marketing company – on commission. It was one of the scariest business decisions I ever made, but after years of stagnancy it was time for a change—and a reality slap.

Following my “retirement,” I recall questioning my decision. I would wake up every morning with panic attacks and constantly doubted my inner guidance. My career did a dramatic 180-degree turn from finance to sales, salary to commission. It was now time to be the entrepreneur I always dreamed of being. Was my life really going to improve from this transformation?

Of course it did, but not without years of life-altering struggles. We all have them. It’s just how we perceive these struggles that shows our growth in times of adversity.

It isn’t necessarily the action you take that determines results, it’s listening intently to your inner guidance and making a decision.

I realized that if I hadn’t left the monotony of corporate life to become a professional speaker and author, I wouldn’t be where I am today. That deep urge to break free from conformity was my guiding light to pursuing my destiny. On the same token however, regardless of where we are in life, the best versions of ourselves are when we are living and being alive in the present moment – the most precious time there is.

Question… How would you describe living the absolute best version of yourself?

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