Inspiration Where You Least Expect It


Last week I joined three very inspirational women for a teleseminar called, “Using Your Mind to Overcome Obstacles.” I usually give myself ample amount of time to prepare, outlining my presentation and elaborating on each topic.

Two days before the call I sat in meditation and ideas appeared in my physical state – “The Mind,” and “5 Principles.” I wrote down both points in my notebook, but that’s all I could come up at that moment. By the time any other ideas came to me it was already 5:30pm on Tuesday – 90 minutes before the call!

My husband and I were running errands all afternoon and made a stop at the post office to mail some paperwork. The line stood all the way to the front door, and I panicked. “How am I going to prepare for this call? More importantly, “What am I going to say?” Suddenly, the ideas appeared again, only this time they were forms of flowing energy.

I reached into my purse, searching for my trusty little notebook; I NEVER left home without it. Of course, the notebook was nowhere to be found and no loose paper was in sight. What was I to do? I was desperate to jot these ideas down.

I searched in my purse one last time and found an envelope. Ha! Old mail! PERFECT!

I turned the envelope over and hope there was enough room for my thoughts. In ten minutes I completed three out of the five principles and couldn’t wait to get home to finish the rest.

By the time 6:45 came around I’d finished my presentation, “5 Principles for Using Your Mind to Overcome Obstacles.” I realized…inspiration can appear in our consciousness anywhere, at any time. Even in a post office. 🙂 You can listen to the presentation here.

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About Michelle Cruz Rosado

Michelle Cruz Rosado is a professional speaker and bestselling co-author of "Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams." Follow Michelle for inspiring messages and quotes.