How Forgiveness Can Set You Free

Healed Heart in Forgiveness

A few weeks ago I was approached to be a guest blogger on Kirsty Spraggon’s Talkshow, KirstyTV. It was truly an honor, for if you’ve ever watched Kirsty’s interviews you’d know the impact she’s made with wonderful guests.

Since KirstyTV focuses on sharing stories of healing and overcoming adversity, my story of surviving the attacks of the World Trade Center seemed to align with the overall message.

When I began writing the article, however, I realized that my inner guidance was leading me in another direction.

Before the tragedy of 9/11 I had been in a relationship of emotional and physical abuse, following the occurrence of sexual abuse. When I felt the courage to face these emotions head on, and forgive not only the people who inflicted this pain but also forgive myself, these experiences ultimately left my consciousness.

The power of the present is always in your favor, and forgiveness of self brings a lifetime of peace.

You can read the article, “Forgiveness Set Me Free from a Lifetime of Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse” here.

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