Finding Inspiration Within

Enjoying the sunMany have asked what inspired me to co-write my book, “Pursuing Your Destiny.” In reading the works from authors such as Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, I have come to the realization that it wasn’t their words which inspired me to be an author; it’s what my perception of how those words inspired me to write my most intimate moments on paper.

In my article, “Inspiration Within” I share my thoughts on why it’s so important to embrace one’s own experiences to have an inspired and empowered life.

Without the enthusiasm to be inspired by own successes can we ever live happily – and mindfully. Here’s more in “Inspiration Within”

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About Michelle Cruz Rosado

Michelle Cruz Rosado is a professional speaker and bestselling co-author of "Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams." Follow Michelle for inspiring messages and quotes.