Believing in Angels

angelIn my co-authored book, “Pursuing Your Destiny” I write about an encounter with a Being that many who have read the book considered to be an Angel. While I never truly believed that any of us had the gift of having a non-physical Being at our side at all times, the experience left me wondering..could I really believe in Angels?

If you’ve been visited by an Earth Angel or a Heaven Sent Angel, would you like to share your story for a chance to be published in a Massive Best-Seller Campaign where your story could be read by millions for inspiration and hope? Simply sign up here and share your story or original art. This contest is open to adults and children alike. And as a bonus you will receive 7 days of positive messages, videos and stories sent to you as well as downloadable gifts from other Conscious Business Owners.

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About Michelle Cruz Rosado

Michelle Cruz Rosado is a professional speaker and bestselling co-author of "Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams." Follow Michelle for inspiring messages and quotes.