Aloe: A Miracle Plant, Indeed…

In January of 2006, my husband and I paid a visit to my in-laws and their beloved Max, a 150+ lb white German Shepard. About an hour into our visit I noticed that Max was acting a bit strangely. I took a seat on their ottoman and the big galoot took a seat in front of me. Suddenly, Max turned and attacked my face, biting above my eyebrow and between my eyes. My husband immediately took hold of Max as he lunged at my face once again. The physical trauma from the attack left me with stitches in two places, and a tooth mark in the corner of my right eye.

In the days following I didn’t leave the house, mainly because I was too drugged up from painkillers to even lift myself off the couch. One afternoon my friend Daisy arrived at my front patio with an odd-looking green stem with thorns on its sides.

“You have to use this for your face. It will diminish the scars and cool your skin.”

“What is it? It stinks!” I pushed it away.

“It’s a stem from an aloe vera plant. Squeeze the stem and use the gel on your cuts. Use it every day. Don’t forget.”

Reluctantly I did as she asked, applying the gel from the stem as well as pure vitamin E oil where the cuts on my face were so noticeably seen.

Once the stitches were removed I went home and immediately looked at my face in the bathroom mirror. The scars were minimal! I was amazed! I began looking online for various uses of this miracle plant and found it to be the one ingredient to my healing.

I kept the stem in the refrigerator throughout my healing process (per instructions from Daisy) and when I felt my scarring was no more I gently placed it in a pot filled with a combination of dirt and sand. The stem became a beautiful plant which I gave to my Mom in 2008.

On April 27, my beloved Mom passed away. Upon arrival to her house to pick up her belongings I noticed her beautiful aloe plant, sitting comfortably on her front porch…

Aloe Vera Plant

Not only did this beautiful plant heal my wounds, it was embraced by my Mother’s love. It is now in my house, with new aloe vera “pups” which I just re potted. I now use the gel as my new anti-aging skin care line. What could be better than aloe?

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