With work and school I’m limiting my body to three challenges next month. Might as well be this one as the third since I’m still practicing most of them. @Regrann from @doyouyoga – Join the June Yoga Challenge #AdvanceYourPractice ⠀
Want to take your yoga practice to the next level? Join in on all the fun this June for a chance to win some pretty amazing prizes! This challenge is for ALL LEVELS of yogis to help us create inspiration and motivation for each other! Everyone is welcome…modifications & variations are highly encouraged! ⠀
6 lucky randomly selected winners will win one of the following:⠀
– One year DOYOUYOGA Premium Account with unlimited access to the complete DOYOUYOGA library of classes and challenges! ‍♀️⠀
– A pair of DOYOUYOGA’s own brand △TWOFIVE△ yoga pants! ‍♀️⠀
1. Repost this image to your feed (and bonus points if you tag a friend or two that would like to join in on the fun!) ✔️⠀
2. Follow @doyouyoga ✔️⠀
3. Practice with us starting June 1, 2017 & post a photo or video of the daily pose (or a modification of it!) on @instagram ✔️⠀
4. Tag your photos daily with #AdvanceYourPractice & @doyouyoga ✔️⠀
5. Have fun! And participate in the community by liking, commenting and making new friends! ⠀
Follow along with this challenge & boost your practice by signing up for the completely FREE Advanced Vinyasa Workshop on DOYOUYOGA.com/advanced-vinyasa! Get a new workshop to step up your practice led by the amazing @lizhuntly emailed straight to your inbox for 5 days ⠀

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