Meat Eater, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan – The Evolution


Over the years I’ve been asked, “How is it that someone who’s eaten all kinds of meat for thirty years all of a sudden become raw vegan? Well, this type of transformation didn’t just “suddenly” occur.

My first adult food was a piece of seasoned chicken at a place called Thai Friend restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens when I was nine months old. Being part of Filipino and Latin families meant eating everything from seafood to pork to everything in between. Although fruits and vegetables were a staple in our household, so was meat.

However, after learning more about the cruelty that our Mother Earth’s animals and sealife have endured I made the conscious decision in November of 2005 to become a vegetarian. This lifestyle change was not as difficult as it was exactly that—a tried-and-true lifestyle change.

When one knows, by heart, the amount of protein can be found in a steak, but have no idea how it can be substituted with anything else brought me to a standstill. Where would I begin? This is a widely-used misconception from many who are not aware of the foods which provide high amounts of protein.

Not until I engulfed myself in the history of non-meat eaters did I realize how much of an impact being a vegetarian would have on my life, and how much healthier I’d be because of it. The most famous authors, entertainers and celebrities alike would not deter my thinking and convince me to be a vegetarian. It was the inner voice which spoke adamantly about honoring one’s body and all sentient Beings.

After watching the movie “Food Matters” tonight it dawned on me that by following a path of veganism is a form of respect, honor and value of myself and my one and only body temple.

Exactly two years of following the vegetarianism lifestyle in November of 2007 I evolved into veganism, and I haven’t felt better. I must admit however, that I am quite cheesy  and always have been. 🙂 Thank goodness for the countless cheese-like recipes vegan chefs have shared throughout the years.

In my co-authored book, “Pursuing Your Destiny” my husband and I describe the reasoning and awakening behind our decision to be vegans. Our decisions were based not only on the damage that meat and dairy could do to our bodies, but the damage it has done to Mother Earth’s animals and the Earth itself.

While I love meeting like-minded souls who follow the path of vegetarianism and veganism, I wholeheartedly respect those who do not agree with the lifestyle. Every one of us has the ability to live by our own free will, which is why we can all live mindfully if we treat each other with kindness and respect..



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