Raw Vegan Banana, Blueberry and Hemp Smoothie Recipe

“Nature itself is the best physician.” ~ Hippocrates 

Banana Blueberry SmoothieSince the journey of the Insanity workout began, my husband and I were searching for ways to increase our endurance and strength with raw recipes. We became raw foodists a few weeks ago, so we primarily snack on fruits, nuts and vegetables, which give us continual boosts of energy. We also create smoothies which don’t require a high-powered blender or food processor.

There are always ALWAYS bananas in the house, mainly for raw consumption and to blend into smoothies to give that thick texture (as vegans we don’t use yogurt). We also keep on hand the Garden of Life Raw Protein and Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Pro Fiber. This raw hemp has a whopping 14 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein per a 2 tbsp serving!

We recently saw a great deal on a pint of organic blueberries, so we decided to make a smoothie that can be drank pre or post workout.

Recipe for 2 servings:

16oz organic unsweetened almond milk (not shown)
3 organic bananas (slightly ripened for extra sweetness)
1/2 pint of organic, dry blueberries
4 tbsp of organic, raw hemp protein
ice cubes (optional)

Blend all and voila! A smoothie packed with potassium, anti-oxidants, protein fiber and MUCH MORE!

Side note: The almond milk was made using this homemade recipe from thekitchn.com

banana blueberry smoothie


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