Shift Happens…As it Should

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“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ~Alan Watts

While browsing through a New Age bookstore last week I came across a t-shirt with the phrase, “Shift Happens.” I barely gave it a second thought.

Being that in the last few decades these two words have been muttered numerous times in movies and printed on thousands of shirts (or so I thought), I walked by with a shrug, thinking, “So what? Shit DOES happen, and it will continue to happen if it’s paraded on a t-shirt.”

As I made my second round through the store I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the shirt one last time. My curiosity was not in vain. I giggled at my faux pas.

A-ha! Shift! S-H-I-F-T happens! I then realized that in this moment of negativity I had the power to awaken myself into the lighter side of this cynical moment. This was my version of “Shift Happens.” I immediately took to my phone and found the book by the same name from Robert Holden, which takes a loving and heartwarming look at the benefits of change.

Whether one is aware of it or not, there is a shift which occurs in every moment. Change does not discriminate in times of joy, or in moments of frustration and anger. How one deals or embraces these changes is a different story.

If one limits change to the outward circumstances of life, then there is little to no change to one’s inner concepts or perceptions. If changes occur within oneself however, then life is once again renewed and is present without fear.

Feeling totally hopeless can be a valuable thing, for then one can find that path to embrace change.

Some live under the illusion that change derives from the mind, but true change begins in the heart and the mind is simply the tool for expressing this knowledge. It is that which transforms one’s life, opens the heart to the Divine within.

The more one can be willing to experience these wonderful shifts that life brings—facing without running, blaming or avoiding in any way, the more fearless and liberated one becomes.

It’s your turn. How do you accept change? Do you flow with it, fear it or welcome it? Please share your comments below.


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