January 11th.. The #NYGPicADay is “9:30 a.m.”, and although I am early with this post I felt compelled to share it! Thank you, @debamariewilson for sharing. ❤️ @alilmorenaughtyyogagirl .
Print this out. Stick it on your mirror. Memorize it. Live it. This is the mindset we need to have. Before you start focusing on your body, you need to learn to LOVE yourself first. This is yo life, peeps… not someone else’s. Be your OWN best friend. Love yourself, fight for yourself and take care of yourself! You are the ONLY person you need to be good enough for. I say we kick off the year by celebrating who we are and what we LOVE about ourselves. Me first: I AM a fighter. I AM creative. I AM kind. I AM strong. Now it’s your turn! Finish the sentence: I AM ________

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