Since reading “Anatomy of the Spirit” I’ve been interested in chakras. Day 1’s focus is the #Muladhara or #rootchakra with the accompanying #mudra. ❤️ @Regrann from @iwona_yoga – STARTING ON MONDAY ❤️

Join us in the new year with an exciting new challenge to learn about the benefits of yoga‍♀️crystals and oilsand how they relate to the 7 Chakras!
The #Yogaforallsenses challenge will run Jan. 15-21 and focuses on the benefits of Chakra balancing and poses. Have you ever wanted to learn more about how the Chakras can benefit you physically and bring you closer to a sense of enlightenment? Through our environment we are constantly given opportunities to become more. Whether that be the scents in the air or the colors and objects around us, our physical environment stimulates our Chakras.
Each day the hosts will demonstrate a Chakra pose and mudra and your challenge will be to post your own version. In addition, every day we’ll also share informational posts on the Chakras themselves and the benefits of the use of crystals and oils for Chakra work.

Did we mention there are amazing prizes up for grabs? See details below to play!


@aromadreamjewelry ✨
To play:
1⃣ Repost this banner and tag several friends to join the fun (make sure your account’s set to public so we can see you!)
2⃣ Follow all hosts & sponsors.
3⃣ Each day, post a photo or video doing the featured pose and mudra—make sure to tag all hosts & sponsors and use the hashtag #yogaforallsenses! Chakra color coordination is encouraged and will be given bonus points!
4⃣ Like each informational post daily that is posted by each host and comment that you have completed that days learning session.

Check in each day to see the day’s pose and read about the chakras!
❤️Day 1: Root Chakra – Red
✴️Day 2: Sacral Chakra – Orange
Day 3: Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
✳️Day 4: Heart Chakra – Green
Day 5: Throat Chakra – Blue
Day 6: Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
Day 7: Crown Chakra – Violet/White

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