Day 3 of the #absoyogifabulous #yogachallenge is any #crowposevariation. I opted for #firecrow as I am working on straightening my arms. It has been months since I have come into this #armbalance and it’s still a challenge, but that’s what I love about the science of #yoga. ☕️‍♀️
Your fabulous hosts:
Generous sponsors:

For those who like to plan ahead, our poses are:
1️⃣ Boat
2️⃣ Chaturanga or any Plank variation
3️⃣ Any Crow variation
4️⃣ Any Eight Angle variation
5️⃣ Flying Lizard or Grasshopper
6️⃣ Elephant Trunk or L Sit or Straddle Lift
7️⃣ Tolasana
8️⃣ Handstand .

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