A BIG thank you to my sweet sister @gailfitness for introducing me to this challenge. @Regrann from @makingliferosy – How’s everyone’s December so far? Mine has been rather crazy since flying into Vancouver! But I’m super excited to be joining the lovely @lancuks_yoga and @polonayoga in bringing you all a fun challenge to celebrate the end of the year . ❄⭐❄
Join us in a special end-of-the-year challenge #YogaForOurSoul starting December 15 to 24, for 10 days of yoga that is not about how a pose looks but more how it feels. Yoga for our soul. ❤
We’ll give you the themes and YOU choose a pose within the theme of the day that you feel fills YOUR soul. A perfect challenge to finish the year with!
Here is a list of the themes for those who like to plan ahead:

1. Opening
2. Strengthening
3. Lengthening
4. Twisting
5. Bending
6. Opening
7. Strengthening
8. Lengthening
9. Twisting
10. Bending

✨ Amazing Sponsors:

✨ Loving Hosts:

1. Repost flyer and caption and invite a few sweet friends to join.
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors
3. Post daily asana with tag #YogaForOurSoul and feel free to share more about how the pose feels to you.
4. Set your profile to public so we can see all your beautiful posts
5. Tag all hosts and sponsors in your every post
Let’s do some yoga for our souls! ❤
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