Om Hari Om! ☺️
@Regrann from @dharmayoganyc – Sri Dharma Mittra we salute you for 50 years of teaching!!! Dharma Yoga Challenge starts Wed 29th Nov ❤️ #dharmamittra50

Day 1 Wednesday November 29th
Camel Pose | Ustrasana or Charging Scorpian | Vrischikasana Sri Dharma’s favorite postures

Day 2 Thursday November 30th
A pic of you with Sri Dharma (be creative)

Day 3 Friday December 1st
The Firefly | Tittibhasana. Animal pose

Day 4 Saturday December 2nd A pic of Sri Dharma Mittra anywhere in the world with or without you

Day 5 Sunday Dec 3rd
Special new Offering pose by Sri Dharma Mittra to be announced

Let’s celebrate our beloved teacher love to all beings ❤️ #dharmamittra50 #yoga #dharmayogaconference #dharmayoga #dharmamittra #dharmamittrasyoga #dharmamittrabereceptive #yogachallenge @fabiofilippi @suzannediano @erin_bodyaware @katfowleryoga @rainbeaumars @activemeditation @dharmayogabaltimore @kdelbyram

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