As my body is in the midst of healing it’s wonderful to choose a pose that just fits. ☺️
@Regrann from @kittyfhloe – Hello everyone! We will start in few days, join us!!! ⬇️↩️To invert or to bend? Can’t decide which one you like more? Join our 10 days challenge called #InvertOrBend3
⬇️↩️Each day we will provide you 2 different poses (Backbends & Inversions) and you get to CHOOSE which one you want to do on that day or you can do BOTH! Your choice! Remember an inversions means your heart rate is at the higher level than your head. .
⬇️↩️This challenge is open to all level
Generous sponsors:
⬇️↩️How to play:
➰Repost this flyer & tag few friends to join in the fun
➰Follow all hosts & sponsors (we always check!)
➰Post new photo/video of the daily pose
➰Tag / mention hosts & sponsors in each of your posts so we know you’re in!
➰Make sure your account is public
⬇️↩️List of poses:
Day 1: Bound two legged downdog – Lotus legs cobra
Day 2: Bound angle headstand – King Pigeon
Day 3: Dolphin pose – Cow pose
Day 4: Lotus in shoulderstand – Low lunge
Day 5: Pincha – Puppy pose
Day 6: One legged bridge – One legged bow
Day 7: Crow pose -Alien Wheel
Day 8: Forearmwheel – Locust
Day 9: Funky inversion – Fallen Dancer
Day 10: Your all time favourite inversions – backbends
See you on Nov 15! ❤️
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