With so many yoga challenges I have joined in the beginning of November (very willingly, I must say), it’s so wonderful to be part of a non-sponsored challenge and no-guilt-for-not-posting kind of project.
@Regrann from @alilmorenaughtyyogagirl – Here’s November’s list for my #NYGPicADay photo project! This is NOT a challenge with sponsors and prizes and winners … instead, it’s a way for us to connect as an IG community on a more personal level, annnnd document the little things in our lives through daily pictures. Plus, also, it’s a great way to learn about life around the world.

Yogis/non-yogis, men/women, kids/grandparents, college students/retirees … such an amazing, diverse mix of people from all around the world. Join us! Just look at each day’s prompt and use it as inspiration for that day’s picture. There’s no right and wrong. Then, upload the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #NYGPicADay to be included in the gallery. Remember … NOT a contest. Skip days, drop out, and rejoin whenever you need to. Get as creative as you want … set up a shoot, or point and click. Filter it up, or shoot and post. This is your life, so do it how you want. No stress.

This will be our NINTH month doing this project and our numbers have grown like crazy! Join us! Please check out the #NYGPicADay gallery to see what’s being shared – I can’t wait to get a peek into your life!

P/S ANYbody can participate in this project, but we won’t be able to see your pics in our #NYGPicADay gallery if you have a private account.

Because so many people ask, the “NYG” in #NYGPicADay stands for my yoga IG account, @NaughtyYogaGirl

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