Now that the allergies have left my body it’s time to practice outside once again and dare to be different! Yay! That being said, I can’t wait to begin this fantastic yoga challenge with my Sis @marastina! Thank you to my other sis @belleyoga.tokyo for introducing me!
@Regrann from @marastina – ❣️HEY FRIENDS, ARE YOU IN FOR A CHALLENGE?! ❣️
3rd to 11th November
We are celebrating our differences with a super fun yoga challenge. .
We will work on Strength, Flexibility and Balance and encourage you to practice the poses in a way that works for you, celebrating that everyBODY is different. .
Each day one of the hosts will share a fact about themselves that makes/made them feel different. So by the end of the challenge you will know a little more about about your hosts and maybe we will know more about you too… [Note: Participants are welcome to share facts about themselves if they wish (not compulsory in order to participate)] .
@annakataika @pinklotus__
To be part of the challenge and eligible for the prizes:
1. Repost the flyer and tag some friends in the comments below
2. Follow all sponsors and hosts
3. Post one new photo/video of the daily asana for each day of the challenge
4. Tag all hosts, sponsors and #YogisDare2BeDifferent in each of your posts
5. Make sure that your IG profile is public
6. Have fun and share some facts about you, if you wish
For those who like to plan a head, here’s our 9 days plan:
1.#bakasana #crowpose 
2.#kingpigeon #ekapadarajacapotasana
3.#warrior3 #virabhadrasana3
4.#plankpose OR #chaturanga
5.#splitspose #hanumanasana 
6.#adhomukavrksasana #handstand
7.Strength pose of your choice
8.Backbend of your choice 
9.Balance pose of your choice

See you all soon

@igyogachallenge . 
Yogis dare 2 be different! 

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