Scientists have reported that the moon’s energy has an extraordinary affect on us and Mother Earth. That’s why I am so excited to be part of this #yogachallenge! Would any of the tagged yogis like to join? ☺️
@Regrann from @moonyogini – Hey beautiful yogis and yoginis ✨ I am very excited because I recently reached 5k I wanted to do something special for you and for me! This community has been teaching me so much, about yoga, about practice, about magic, but mostly about love I am very grateful for this little milestone and I want to celebrate with this magical 5 day challenge! Inspired by the four phases of the moon and its precious cycle Hope you can join me from Nov. 1st to the 5th as we share some #MoonMagicYoga ✨ To enter and be elegible for prizes:
⭐️Follow me and all five sponsors (listed below).
Use #MoonMagicYoga in your posts for the challenge so I can see your moon magic expressions, tag me and the magical sponsors!
⭐️Share this flyer, invite some moon children to join
connect with the fellow moon children, show them some moon magic love!
⭐️Stay safe, honor your body and connect with each day’s subject.
Host: @moonyogini
Sponsors: @re3life #re3 #re3life @gypsyarts @mymalanecklace @lucenthueyoga and @themanifestingmoon
The five days, inspired by the moon cards by @gypsyarts will be as follow:
Day 1: New Moon – Birth what your heart desires – Any heart opener pose.
Day 2: Waxing Moon – Breathe energy into what you love – Any pose that helps you focus on your breath.
Day 3: Full Moon – Cleanse to illuminate your mind, body and spirit – Any pose that helps you connect with your inner light.
Day 4: Waning Moon – Release old habits & patterns – Any pose with a twist.
Day 5: Honor the cycle – Any pose or flow that helps you connect with your cyclic nature. Hope you join 🙂
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