Coming into any arm balance used to be my nemesis, and inversions still are! That’s why I’m really happy to join this challenge and embrace them once and for all. @Regrann from @piit_princess_liz . .
Too often we only work on our fave poses and leave out the ones that really challenge us. Let’s do something different this time and grow together 
Are you ready to face your worst yoga fears and conquer your ‘nemesis’ poses? 
Then join us for 10 days of battling it out with your most feared yoga poses in #EmbraceYourNemesis from 6th-15th October!
Each day there will be a different category for you to post the pose that you find most challenging, aka your ‘nemesis’ pose! By sharing your insights and tips on how you’re working on these poses you’re not only conquering them yourself but also helping others in their journey to mastering their ‘nemesis’ poses 
For a chance to win: 
1. Repost this flyer with the hashtag #EmbraceYourNemesis and tag friends to join! 
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors 
3. Post daily pictures using the hashtag #EmbraceYourNemesis 
4. Tag hosts and sponsors in your beautiful photos 
 Line up for your nemesis poses:
1. Seated
2. Standing 
3. Folding 
4. Twist
5. Bind
6. Hip opener 
7. Funky / Hybrid
8. Backbend
9. Arm balance 
10. Inversion
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