☺️ @Regrann from @omniyogagirl – We are excited to announce the #IGYogisUnite challenge that will run from Oct 1-7. This is a sponsor-less challenge that will focus on showing love for the IG yoga community while helping spread the word about those who have lost their pages.

Each day 4-5 hosts will post a pose/skill that they learned or were inspired to try from a fellow IG yogi and share with us what they love most about the IG yoga community. Our hope is that during this week we can get as many IG yogis as possible to join in and do the same!

During a time of major IG hacks, glitches, and bugs that have resulted in shadowbans, lost pictures, and even lost accounts, it can be easy to get caught up in focusing on the negative. Let’s come together and get the good vibes flowing again. Help us spread the love by getting as many IG yogis to UNITE as possible!

✖️Share this flyer and caption to help us spread the word!
✖️Check in each day with the hosts to hear what inspires them and to get info on missing/disabled accounts.
✖️Share a pose of your choice and explain in the caption what YOU love about the IG yoga community. Join us every day or just one- any contribution at all is encouraged!
✖️Be sure to use the hashtag #IGYogisUnite and tag a few friends in your posts to join you!

Day 1:
@rhyannazwatson @_Monette @mylittleyogi @omniyogagirl @elliegriffinyoga
Day 2:
@dwinnerxfit @awesomebodyrevolution @sultryabyss @themuscleboundyogi @wanderlust_yogix3
Day 3:
@shiziks @kericyoga @bojanashyperactivityplanet @yogachia_
Day 4:
@aerial_delights @vythathin @natashaswinteryoga @park_yoga_girl
Day 5:
@beahappyamy @mintyogini @bwmc.fitness @auri_yoga
Day 6:
@marastina @yoginiinheels @weirdomandys @buddhamom76
Day 7:
@pilates_yogagirl_ @pigeatsfish @the.bendy.brat @_yogajenny_
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