I SO need to ease into Autumn with a relaxing, restorative yoga challenge. Aaah… .
@Regrann from @c_la.yoga – Please join #summertimewrapup and practice restorative yoga poses that come with a twist (or two ) Pose lineup is included on the challenge flyer and listed below so you don’t have to stress about it. Please check in daily with the hosts for variations and modifications. Keep reading for more details…. ☀️☁️☀️☁️☀️☁️☀️☁️☀️☁️

As summer wraps up and fall brings in shorter days with busier life schedules, we must find time to restore. Join us for 9 days of restorative yoga that will bring calm to your day and balance to both your mind and body. You deserve it. It will prepare you for the holiday season of giving and giving and giving! Treat yourself and then treating others will be so much easier. .

September 22-30, 2017

@ahimsaessentials .


22 Revolved Child’s Pose

23 Bed Pose

24 Reclined Twisting firelog

25 Easy Boat .
26 Rabbit Pose
27 sideways half lotus bow .
28 Water grove Pose
29 Shoulderstand/legs up wall
30 wide leg forward fold/ headstand . .

How to Play:

1. Repost this flyer and tag some friends to join!
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in each post!
3. Post daily using the #summertimewrapup hashtag
4. Make your profile public so we can see you!
5. Have fun and be safe!

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