Thank you, dearest Sis @belleyoga.tokyo for tagging me in this challenge. @Regrann from @nitasenorita_x – Dancers unite!
Between September 23-October 4 we’ll be hosting the #YogaThinkYouCanDance challenge to teach the steps that will help you get Natarajasana
We all know how tricky this pose can be – between balancing and bending- what do we do?!?
This 12 days challenge will hopefully supply you with the tools to put on your dancing shoes with more ease ☺
So… you think you can dance??

Simple rules to enter:
Follow us hosts:

Follow the awesome sponsors:

Repost this flyer and tag #YogaThinkYouCanDance and hosts and sponsors in all your posts

For those who like to plan ahead:

1. Puppy pose
2. Low lunge
3. Any standing posture – freestyle
4. Any core strengthening pose- freestyle
5. Splits
6. Shiva pose or compass
7. Bow
8. Wheel
9. Press against the wall
10. Pigeon Pose
11. Dancer against the wall
12. Dancer!

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