Backbends provide so many benefits for the spine, and from a subtle body perspective they awaken the Anahata or heart chakra. This is why I’m really looking forward to continuing my backbending practice in this challenge.
@Regrann from @kittyfhloe – During a time when we naturally start to turn inward, let’s turn to opening our hearts before the weather turns cool We have 10 days of backbends for you beginning September 1st Join us as we bring you our favorite heart openers to close out your summer
Rules to Play
1. Follow all the hosts and sponsors
2. Repost this flyer and tag the hosts and sponsors
3. Tag a few friends to play with us
4. Post daily with the tag #fallintoanopenheart and mention all hosts and sponsors
5. Make your profile public so we can see your pretty posts!
Day 1: Wheel
Day 2: Bridge Pose
Day 3: Bow
Day 4: Camel
Day 5: King Pigeon
Day 6: Kapotasana
Day 7: Cobra Pose
Day 8: Standing Backbend
Day 9: Forearm wheel
Day 10: Scorpion Inversion
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