I’m really excited about this! I’ll be doing the first pose tonight.
@Regrann from @themuscleboundyogi – Whoot! I’m SO excited for this challenge! Do you love backbends, or are you looking for an excuse to work on them?! Please, join us for #LoveForBackbends, August 21-30!
What better way to close out summer than with an open heart?! We will spend 10 days backbending with poses you can modify or take as deeply as you wish.
How to enter:
✨Repost this flier to help us spread the word!
✨Follow and tag all hosts and sponsors in your daily posts.
✨Make sure your profile is public so we can see you!
Heart Opening Poses:

1. Bridge Pose
2. Wheel Pose
3. King Pigeon Pose
4. Dancer Pose
5. Sugarcane
6. Camel Pose
7. Puppy Pose
8. Upward Facing Plank
9. Alien Wheel
10. Yogi’s Choice
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