Arm balancing in August is just what I need! .
@Regrann from @yogajosey – CALLING ALL YOGIS!!
Join us in a super fun & playful 10 day long arm balance challenge from August 1-10th. We’ll be #FlyingThroughSummer! This yoga challenge is open to all levels of yogis! We will break down each arm balance pose to make it accessible for everyone. We are here to support each other, be creative & learn from each other! So tag some friends and get your cameras ready!
How to Play:
1. Repost this flier and tag some friends to join! Tip: save the flier here on IG ffor reference!
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in each post!
3. Post daily with the hashtag #FlyingThroughSummer
4. Make your profile public so we can see you!
5. Have fun and be safe!
Pose List:
1) Grasshopper Pose
2) Crow or Crane Pose
3) Flying Lizard Pose
4) Scale or Rooster Pose
5) EPK 1 or 2 Pose
6) 8 Angle Pose
7) Side Crow Pose
8) Elephant Trunk Pose
9) Shoulder Pressing Pose or Firefly Pose
10) Yogi’s Choice of ‘Baby’ Arm Balance (on forearms)
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