Energy Management: What No One is Talking About

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How many times have you or someone you know utter the words, “I wish there were more hours in the day.”

Jim Rohn said, “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” True, but what if one concentrated on running the day with mindful energy?

What I relied on the most while working in Corporate America in the 1990’s was the ability to consciously create a realistic deadline, then list the tasks which would fit into that time frame. While this method turned out to be a successful way to achieve my working goals, it inevitably drained almost all of my energy. I would challenge myself to push harder in order to meet my deadlines, while losing my sense of awareness.

Nowadays, when asked about time management, I no longer believe one can manage time, for it is ever-changing.  But one can manage themselves and the attention to use the time wisely or waste it.

Managing one’s time can be quite the harrowing experience in absence of mindfulness. When one becomes a witness to their actions, time is used for deliberate purpose. If life seems to be moving faster than you would like, take a moment to analyze how that time is being spent.

These are ways in which by managing one’s energy, the essence of time can become secondary.

Giving the mind and body the nourishment it needs. Many of us rush through the day without an adequate amount of sleep, exercise and stillness. Even a minimal form of exercise such as walking not only improves physical stability and longevity, but also contributes to a better state of Being. Activities such as yoga and meditation can be vital in awakening the very core of our energetic mindset.

Being mindful of one’s emotions. Whether one is in a state of elation or depression, it is important to understand how our mind created the thoughts with led to those emotions. Since each one of us is a powerful source of energy, we can, with mindfulness be an “overseer” to our thoughts and create our own reality.

Being in a state of enthusiasm:  A few weeks ago I came across a fortune cookie with the quote: “Enthusiasm is infectious, stimulating and attractive to others. People will love you for it.” Being enthusiastic about what you love the most can only bring more of what you love the most. If you are passionate about a goal, a relationship, a job, what ever it may be—follow it completely and engage yourself in the continuous learning, growth and creativity of it.  My yoga teaching keeps me stimulated and engaged every moment of the day!!

Practicing meditation.  More companies in the US are finding meditation and mindfulness concepts to be extremely helpful for their employees. Taking just a few minutes a day to be still in meditation has been known to strengthen the “pause” button; ceasing that auto-pilot thought mechanism and the overall neediness to do it.  I have found that following my meditation classes my students suddenly feel energized and have a renewed sense of Self.

But yes, no one can deny that time isn’t valuable asset. If you want to live a meaningful life however, one needs not to worry about managing that time. In being here now, in the present, is the true beauty of life.

It’s your turn. How are you managing your energy? What are your views on time management? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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