Why It’s Important to Be Mindful – Even in Our Own Skin


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“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”  ~ William Shakespeare

Nowadays, when some speak of self-care, it is attained through various methods such as meditation, mindful breathing and other calming techniques.

When we are not completely mindful of our whole body temple however, we ignore the ways of which we can nourish the outer body.

This is a guest post by Theresa DeGregory, owner of Terra Andre’ Skin Care Products and Licensed Clinical Aestetician/Aromatherapist. She and I have spoken at great lengths about how we can improve the quality of our skin with natural products.. I am pleased to share her years of wisdom with you.

This is the best time to rejuvenate your skin. Not too much interference from strong hot sun and we all want to look our very best this spring and summer.

Good all-natural skin care treatment crèmes will naturally treat sensitive arears as the eyes, neck and other areas that need a little more attention especially as we age.

When it comes to fine lines (you know, crow’s feet, wrinkles, puffiness and darks spots), it’s wise to remember that this delicate area of the face can show signs of aging a lot sooner than other areas of our face and body.

Don’t be fooled to all the commercials that promise overnight results. Over time it will only harm your skin and even make it worse. So, it’s important to limit sun damage and neglect. Proper care includes exfoliating the skin to reveal a clear healthy complexion.

Using natural fruit acids will gently and safely exfoliate fine lines, get rid of dead skin, stimulate skin repair and aid in slowing down the aging process. Another benefit is fading those ugly dark age spots. Don’t forget your neck and chest areas, also top of your hands.

Terra Andre`s Rejuvenate Fruit Acid Skin Lotion is the natural alternative to the chemical Glycolic acid peel. It gently exfoliates, smoothes fine lines and stimulates skin repair. It also helps fade the appearance of overactive pigmentation,
such as age spots and brown spots. Also great for acne skin (dot at night to dry up pimples). Rejuvenate gently peels the skin revealing a younger natural glow. No Chemicals are used in Terra Andre’ products.

For more information on how to use our Rejuvenate Product visit the Terra Andre’ website  or call Theresa at (321) 952-9624.


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  • G’day! Thanks for the reminder and as one starts to get older, it really helps to take care of your skin! Just turned 51!! Cheers! Joanne

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read the post. You sure as heck don’t look 51. Congratulations! 🙂