When You Give, You Give Yourself


One of the most powerful acts one can do in order to create a life of abundance is to realize and acknowledge the power of giving, but by way of giving unconditionally. It is a tremendously intense force that will instantaneously take place at the mental, physical and spiritual platform of existence.

A few years ago I was asked, “When you share your inspirational messages, who do you do it for…yourself, or others? My initial thought was, “What should it matter? If I were to give myself wholeheartedly to bring peace and awareness to another, then there is no such thing as “I” in the present moment.

My response was both; for whenever there is a quote or message I can convey that inspires others brings enlightenment to my Being as well.

Giving is a power which stems from a very selfless act, that of simply giving from the heart. There must be no other reason behind it. Keep in mind that one does not truly give when anything is expected in return.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Most individuals often associate giving with the offer of money. Although donating in terms of money is an important factor in the equation, the basis of giving extends beyond money or anything of monetary value.

When one thinks of giving in monetary terms, there is a risk of falling to the sentiment of scarcity; with the thought of what one is obligated to give. Fear and selfishness should never be a source for giving. Giving from the heart means giving with no fear or doubt, and brings everyday miracles to light.

The joy of giving from the heart signals equally positive reactions from others and ignites one’s inner desire to give more. Once this occurs, wonderful things just “happen” to fall into its proper place, because those who willingly give will receive what they had given a thousand fold.

When mindful, there can be the utmost trust in one’s thoughts and actions, mainly because there is trust in oneself.

The very act of sharing and giving will summon joy’s spirit to fill the heart. That feeling of overwhelming joy you experience when you have helped someone, when that someone extended their utmost gratitude, that itself is already true bliss.

Likewise, giving is a very healthy habit. It can prolong life when one feels that sense of inner accomplishment and peace.

It’s your turn. How do you give from the heart? What obstacles have come your way while giving yourself to others? Please share your comments below.

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