How to Calm Your Mind with This Simple Technique

This is a guest post by Olivia Fisher.

I wanted to give you a technique today that you can use to quiet and calm your mind so you can bring a sense of overall peace to the body.

This technique is the process of finding the center of your head. The center of your head is not where you think it might be. It’s in a very specific location that when you find it can change your world and how calm your mind is.

Finding this place

  • Puts you in the control center of your body
  • Allows you to be in control of your energy
  • Gives you the power to “kick” other peoples energy out the mind
  • Raises your vibration, releases anxiety, and calms your mind
  • Another benefit  is it gives you a perspective of the world from yourself.

What do I mean by that?

Usually we are looking at the world and interpreting it from reference points other than ourselves. Usually we base our perspective on outside objects, people, and events going on. In other words, most of the time we are reacting. Reacting causes negative emotions and fails to keep your mind calm. The reality of this is that outside reference points are not dependable. They can change and there’s nothing we can do about it.
That’s why it’s so important to have a reference point within your body that is dependable, safe, and never changes. You as a human might change, but your Being does not. That’s what you get connected with when you find the center of the head. It gives you a point of observation to know yourself and perceive your reality on your terms. This place is your command center of your brain and consciousness. When you are in your center of control then having a calm mind is simple.

Most of us don’t realize that we are walking around unconscious a good majority of the time. Finding your center of your head causes this unconsciousness to dissolve and your awareness of becoming aware increases significantly.

Let’s get started finding the center of your head.

Take your hands and put your index finger up. All other fingers are closed. Put your fingers on the temples of your head, one on each side. Your temples are the dips in your head before the hairline, about eyebrow level on the sides of your head. Put your fingers there and close your eyes.

Feel your fingertips and imagine a line being drawn horizontally through your head from fingertip to fingertip. One to the other. Once you have this line in your mind, open your eyes.

Put one finger in the center of your forehead. It should be at the bottom of the 6th chakra. That’s a little above or at eyebrow level. Take your other finger and put it behind your head. Try to make it as close to the height of your other finger, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Now close your eyes. Draw a line from your back finger to your front. The line should go through your head back to front. Remember the other line? See it again. Where these two lines intersect is the center of your head. If you have to go back and do the horizontal line again, it’s ok.

Be aware of where these lines intersect. Be conscious of this point and be there. Just stay there and be aware of it as you start to get a feeling of gaining control of your command center. This may calm your mind right away or it may take a couple of seconds.

Now I didn’t go in depth into why this works, but if you hear other thoughts here, just know that those are other people’s thoughts that have been given permission to stay in the center of your head.

Set the intention to take back control of this center. These voices will gently move out your head because only you truly have power here. Place your attention on your intention of being in the center of your head. Remember to keep breathing throughout this process. Feel the control you start to gain in this space and see how the other voices easily move out your way. You have the power here to calm your mind and it will happen naturally.

The last step is to just breathe your eyes open on the in breath with the intention of staying in the center of your head.

This point that you are at is like a room with the windows. The windows are your eyes. You can look out at the world from your own space.

You can choose to sit here in this space or go back to how it was before. It’s your choice.

Most people get a sense of peace, calmness, and silence of the mind.

You can learn to stay in the center of your head 24/7. It takes practice, but not a bunch. My suggestion is to practice it when you can. With practice you will be able to stop having to use your fingers and just find the point because there is such a stark difference between being in it and not being in control of it.

center of headYou can also learn to stay in your head when your vision changes. What I mean is when you focus from object to object, and look at something far away vs near. If you find yourself thrown out of your head trying to do these things, just remember to breathe and try again.

I really hope you enjoyed this article. Here is the follow up article to my blog.

In that post, I provide a technique to use with the center of your head so you can remain in your reality, not lose energy to people, and take even more power back by stopping others energy from taking control of the center of you head. (99.9% of people don’t know they do this)

Go ahead and jump over to see how you can keep the energy of others out and stay in your reality.

Click here to see the post

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