Seeing A Miracle In Every Difficulty

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To see a miracle in any difficulty can be most challenging if one cannot find the underlying lesson within.

In the winter of 1993 I moved out of my Mother’s apartment in Queens and moved in with my best friend and her boyfriend, located about 15 blocks away. I had just landed a position as a paid intern at a Wall Street firm and was elated to have the means to start a new life on my own.

Just two months after my journey began however, my internship became non-existent and halted with no prior notice. With delusions of grandeur I was almost sure this internship would last forever, and didn’t find it necessary to save any money I had earned in the previous months. Within a week I was forced to make some drastic decisions.

After a horrible day at the office I couldn’t wait to get home. As soon as I walked through the door I slammed my keys on the kitchen table, stomped into my room and contemplated my next move. I was too embarrassed and couldn’t bring myself to ask if I could move back in with my Mother, but I was still a teenager and was doubtful I could find an apartment of my own. What was I to do?

Despite my frazzled state I recalled this poignant quote, sent from a beloved friend…

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” — J.K. Rowling

Yes, at the time I was on the threshold of rock bottom; burned out from work, broke, depressed and wallowing in self-pity. There was nothing left to do but calmly take a seat on my bed and take a long, deep breath. The solution appeared instantaneously with each moment.

Although I acted irresponsibly with money I did have the sense to make bi-weekly contributions to my 401K, and in a few days had miraculously found the apartment where I would reside for the next six years.

The fact is, one does not have to hit rock bottom in order to see something miraculous in every difficulty, and it wasn’t hitting rock bottom that created a miracle, but the ideas that sprung from the experience.

Here are the ways in which one can clear the mind of self-deprecating thoughts and transform adversities into positive lessons:

Be resilient. Have you ever noticed people who stay steadfast in their thoughts and do not allow others to deter their free will? They are resilient, like water—flowing over, under, and around any obstacle. In the process they calmly chip away at that obstacle and create more manageability in their lives.

To effectively condition oneself to be resilient is to see beyond the obstacle and discover the root of the problem, mainly by deliberate practice of looking within and self-discipline.

One can view these thoughts as trivial or merely a distraction, but ideas can provide the power and means to overcome any difficulty faced. In short, ideas shape us and our world.

Be mindful and BREATHE. Nothing constructive can come into fruition whilst in a state of confusion and lack of mindfulness. Even when obstacles arise, true happiness is attained when one is mindful; for then one can discover and embrace the solution, not the circumstance.

Find enjoyment in every single moment, right here, right now, as everything passes. Pay attention to those you meet and experiences that occur in life. Each appears miraculous, as they are drawn to you from deliberate thought—either to assist you in overcoming difficulties or present drawbacks that attempt to hinder your life. Nevertheless, there is the chance for growth in every obstacle one faces.

Of course, difficulties will at times rear their ugly heads, and that is the nature of life. It is unstoppable and unrealistic if one thinks otherwise.

It is important to know that miracles do happen and appear in our daily lives when we stop resisting them. Each of us has the most amazing, magical facility to change our experience, instantly, simply by altering our perception.

Have you been able to see difficulties as miracles? How has that changed your perception on life? Please share your comments below.

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